Disaster Recovery

Protect the future of your business

We offer tailored disaster recovery services in order to respond efficiently to every kind of emergency situation, by ensuring the maximum protection and minimising the negative impact on business productivity.

Disasters are impredictable

and they put business operativity under serious threat

The probability that a company risks a damage is very high ... It could happen to you too, have you ever thought about it?

1 in 5 business (20 %) suffer a disruption every year.

Often there are ruinos consequences

Data show that more of 50% of companies shut down within six months and the 23,3% of accidents is caused by human error.

There is a simple and efficient solution to avoid the risk of compromising your business because of unexpected accidents:


disaster recovery plan

Our solutions

The Disaster Recovery plan efficient with any kind of disaster

Our technical abilities allow us to solve every problem and to face any disaster situation, included: blackout, virus, logical and hacker attacks, theft and damage, hardware or software system failure (server, network devices or services), fire, flood, collapse, earthquake or other natural disasters.

Our Disaster Recovery plan is customizable, especially designed to integrate into any kind of business continuity strategy.

What do you think, are we prepared enough?

We protect the future of more than 3.000 companies

Our long-time experience turns into a complete knowledge of the IT market which allows us to offer solutions and disaster recovery services in order to guarantee the stability and safety of your business, with customized SLA for each customer and each requirement.
Here's some of the clients who have entrusted our expertise to grow their business successfully.

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We are CriticalCase, an Italian Cloud Company

Since 1999 we provide hosting and cloud computing solutions, business continuity and disaster recovery services for more than 3.000 companies.

And what is your name?

Now that we know each other better, do you want to learn more about benefits and features of our Disaster Recovery plan?

you should know ...

Few companies are able to survive to a huge loss of data without an efficient Disaster Recovery strategy.
The usage of poor policies, tools and processes implies a major recovery time and therefore a greater negative impact on productivity.

Our Disaster Recovery plan is specially designed to make the recovery timing as short as possible, making the impact of the disaster less influent on business productivity.

Why choose us

Top features of our Disaster Recovery plan

Consulting approach

Customizable solutions

Sole Vendor

6 Datacenter

Separated connectivity

Ethernet direct connectivity

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the numbers speak for themselves

So here's the statistics about annual costs caused by downtimes:


cost of lost productivity for each company

median cost per incident

loss of employee productivity per person

number of people unable to work

These are the economic consequences of downtimes due to a lack of use of a Disaster Recovery plan.

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Our mission

Provide and manage services and solutions in order to meet companies ICT requirements

An efficient Disaster Recovery plan is crucial to avoid huge losses of money and, in the worst cases, to compromise the future of your company.

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